Installing the charging station - Wiring Option A

When the cabling is installed through the bottom cable inlet

DANGER: Make sure the power supply for the charging station is disconnected before installation. Do not turn power on until electrical wiring is finished.
  1. Before installation of the charging station, it is recommended that the power supply cabling is prepared first.
    Note: Leave the PE wire 20 mm longer than the other wires. This will make sure that it is the last remaining connection if the cable is pulled by excessive force.
    Recommended stripping length for wiring option A: 1-phase power supply

    Recommended stripping length for wiring option A: 1-phase power supply for IT power grid

    Recommended stripping length for wiring option A: 3-phase power supply

  2. A rubber grommet is used to prevent dust and moisture entering the charging station. To prepare the grommet, make a small cross shaped cut where the power cable enters the grommet.

  3. Place the charging station against the wall according to the screw location markings. Mount the charging station on the wall before routing the cable.

  4. Pull the power supply cable through the cable inlet. Make sure the non-stripped part of the cable reaches past the strain relief. There must be enough cable for restrain fixing and the electrical connections.

  5. Route the cabling so that you are able to place the cable to the strain relief.
  6. Attach the strain relief.

    Note: The strain relief can be used in two ways depending on the cable diameter.
  7. Separate the power supply wires and mark them if necessary.
  8. Make sure the wires cannot come into contact with each other.