DIP switch configuration

DANGER: Make sure the power supply for the charging station is disconnected before installation. Do not turn power on until electrical wiring is finished.
  1. Make sure all the wires are connected firmly to the connectors of the charging station.
  2. Set the current setting according to the supply fuse and cabling capacity. Do not exceed the power supply connection capability. If the current settings are not done, the charging station will not operate.

    DIP S2
    Charging current settings

    Restriction of the maximum charge current with external control is not in use (Charlie-3 only)

    DIP S1
    Settings for use
    a. Operational modee. Maintenance mode
    b. IT power gridf. TN/TT power grid
    c. Terminating resistor ONg. Terminating resistor OFF
    d. Clienth. Host
    The typical installation of a standalone single charging station (TN/TT power grid)