Delivery contents

Before installation, make sure you have all the needed parts and accessories of the product. If you notice missing items, contact the retailer or product importer immediately. In the case of missing or broken parts, only replacement parts provided by the product retailer, importer or vendor are allowed to be used.

  • 1. Charlie electric vehicle charging station
  • 2. Wall mounting screws (Steel zinc plated full thread pan head TX25 ZP 4.5x30) and wall plugs (6x30 WIP)
  • 3. Strain relief and installation screws (Pan head BN 20138)
  • 4. Screws for closing the charging station cover from bottom (Hexalobular socket flat BN 2041)
  • 5. Screw for closing the charging station cover from top (Pan head TX20 MP 4x10)
  • 6. Installation template